What Is KYC Verification

KYC stands for Know Your Customer. This is very important process for boarding any Customer for any Financial institution i.e. Banks, Non banking Financial Institution, Mutual Fund, Depositories.

KYC documents includes Aadhar Card, PAN, Voter ID, Passport, Driving License etc,
To prevent from any fraud, misrepresentation, organization have to verify the geniuses of the documents.

Personal Verification

PAN Verification is a service by which certain organizations are able to identify your PAN information..
Driving License Verification Service is used to verify the correctness of a Driving License number.
Voter ID service is used to validate the constitution of the User with the help of entering Voter ID Number.
RC Vehicle service normally used for particular Registration number to find out the Authorized RTO office.

Commercial Verification

GSTIN Service is used to validate the GSTIN return filled details by providing a valid GSTIN Number.


Through this API you can validate the details of the Company whether it is Registered or not with the help of valid CIN Number.


DIN Service is used to verify the details of Directors of the Company through valid DIN Number.
This service is used to find out whether a PAN Number is linked with GSTIN Record or not with the help of providing PAN Number.

Why Are KYC Documents Required?

KYC document along with customer’s photograph have been made mandatory only in recent past due to fraudulent transactions. It’s mandatory as per Money Laundering Law.

We have developed solution to verify KYC documents. By using these tool, any of the organization can verify the KYC Documents in Bulk or single case.